1. brad

    Team Jade!

    • roeg

      This is one of those facebook photos where the girl with the MAN CHIN is trying to deceive everyone. Underneath that blanket she’s a cottage cheese blob with stretch marks and fat thighs.

    • Minotaur

      she’s got JOWLS! ewwww

    • Jake

      I was notified that the bane of my existence, Jade, was put up on this site…

      I’d like to take this opportunity to let the world know that JADE GAVE ME HERPES IN 2004.

      You wouldn’t be saying “Team Jade” if you were me.

    • Reese

      Check out her comments on facebook. Jade had to beg Fish to be on here as part of the 650 runners up.Fish put her pic up out of pity.

    • jody

      to bad that blanket doesnt hide her fat ankles… or droopy tits… or face.

      • knee pads

        isn’t this the same girl that was in a picture on here showing her sucking on a big black dildo?

      • Cheeto

        Too bad that blanket doesn’t hide her personality. She’s crude, mean and not intelligent. Fugly bimbo. Not an attractive package by any means.

    • animal

      flapjack titties and fat ankles

  2. Jinx

    The first girl? Geez….she is so hot that it hurts!

  3. Dave

    Uhhh why wasn’t I able to vote for most of these chix
    Superficial ur an idiot, the chix u picked r ugly

  4. L to the B

    nice one Jade..

  5. tom

    Maybe she looks better from a different angle

  6. Confused

    How do I view all the thumbnails on one page? As opposed to five at a time.

  7. Ummm no

    This broad is a poor man’s Isabella Soprano. The one who sucks and fucks for a living out at the Bunny Ranch?

  8. timmy the dying boy

    Every last one of these girl is better than Jillian.

  9. Diego

    What a pathetic cry for attention. So insecure.

  10. brad

    haters gonna hate. just mad that gimpy the michael jackson girl with tits didn’t win!

  11. Mr. Smith

    She kind of has a retard face. I don’t know, something not right. Her hair sucks too. Nice eyes though.

  12. err? Say what?!

    No comment.

  13. ehall

    NO WAY!

  14. Jade

    (I’m not the Jade from the picture. Just to clarify)

    Anyway, some of these girls had really good pics. Farrah, Nicole and Patricia could have entered the competition and gotten far. But I’m happy Erin won because she had the best pic of them all.

    • Jay

      i voted for Melanie, she had the “superficial” look to me……., but I am super glad Erin won, Jillian did NOT deserve it. to flashy……..not “superficial” enough, plus she did not follow the rules as instructed

  15. T

    NEW SUPERFICIAL WRITER YOU FUCKING SUCK. youre NOT funny. and all these girls have ugly ass faces.

  16. Jay

    and fish, excellent choice……, when do we get to see the “NEW” banner girl?

    • Nicole

      Ok, first of all, getting excited about being the first picture on the page of the girls that entered that didn’t make it is not something to brag about. Not to mention a lot of the other girls are WAY hotter than you.
      Second, I tried to refrain from saying anything to you because frankly I think you are a waste of time but JADE you are a bitch.
      It’s girls like you, just like in high school, that hated on the pretty girls because that’s the only way to bring attention to yourself. You may have been somewhat attractive, I’m talking like a 5, in high school. Obviously, that candle burnt out so get over it. Your eye color is the only thing you have going for you, and thats pushing it because your ugly fucking personality ruins it for you.
      Just because your vision of beauty ( like when YOU look in the mirror) is skewed don’t be a bitch to other people. Although I’m sure these girls that you picked on are looking at your picture and getting the last laugh. So stop being that childish bitch and start working on your personality, sometimes boys go for that and trust me you need something to help you out.
      P.S.- Stop sucking dicks to get ahead in life, it won’t work for you.

      • Jade

        (again, not the Jade from the picture. I wish I had black hair…)

        Nicole, can I ask who you´re talking to? I don’t see anyone making any claims here.

        P.s. That trash talking you’re doing now to whomever it’s aimed at doesn’t make your personality look good either.

      • TEAMJADE

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I’m laughing at how PATHETIC and stupid you are. You don’t know me in any way so why don’t you shut the fuck up. I don’t have time to argue all the idiotic points you TRIED to make. You are so lame to even try and think you know anything about me now or in high school. You’re more of a bitch than I ever was.

      • To Nicole, not Jade..nice name BTW Jade, :)

      • Jake


    • tom

      you are both bitches

      • Scarlet

        Jade get a grip, you’re not all that. You have acted like a right bitch to the other girls when the fact is you got no further than anyone else in the first place. Lame!

  17. Jackie

    how do i send in a photo ?

    • Drew

      The contest is over my dear.

      And I’m going to safely guess Nicole is one of those fat jealous broads that never get attention, whining over pretty girls getting attention.

  18. buttfuck

    Nicole from Cambridge is an even prettier brunette then Erin.

  19. David

    This has to be the worst picture.

  20. Women

    Hey Jade,

    Why did you say such ugly, vile, insulting things about every single woman who was chosen to be in this contest? Just hoping you could explain…?



  21. duder

    She’s super cute, and her eyes speak of deep anal pain in her past.

  22. Jake

    I was notified that the bane of my existence, Jade, was put up on this site…

    I’d like to take this opportunity to let the world know that JADE GAVE ME HERPES IN 2004.

  23. Cranium

    She looks like she’s pushing 40, yet she acts so immature.

  24. doc

    everybody runnnnn! she has a rotten herpes vagina and she’s out to spread it!

  25. Jake is my HERO

    Jake, you are my hero for calling this girl out and potentially saving many men from catching herpes from her. You’ve provided a heroic public service for us men.

    Really sorry Jade Flynn gave you herpes. Maybe you can give them to her Mom?


    Jake…you are my frickin hero to. Love…and I mean absolutely LOVE…your posts throughout. Brilliant! Funny! Scathing! Well played my friend! Well played!!!


    Jade…I know I can speak for everyone when I say that WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE COMING BACK AND READING ALL OF THIS SHIT….and we are all getting the biggest kick out of how fucking seething pissed off you must be…but not daring to write anything more because….YOU HAVE BEEN BEATEN DOWN BITCH! Pay backs are a bitch. Karma…it’s a wonderful thing!

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