1. JC

    Keith: “Hi, vagina!”
    Kidman’s vagina, muffled: “Mi, Meef!”

  2. Seriously Fembot walk. Urban u know it ,(Bender laugh by Keith)

  3. cc

    Ehhhhh, okay, so maybe I had a bottle of Yukon Jack.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    If a female Terminator approached me, I’d be a little bashful too.

  5. Toe Jam

    “Hey, little man, get inside me now! Not you, the gold statue, you loser!”

  6. Senor Trout

    A full pic of Keith shows that he’s wearing elevator shoes straight from the Cruise/Stallone line.

  7. Timothy

    “Eh, it looked better on me.”

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