1. Have a nice day

    20 Years and you still haven’t cured AIDS? What are you spending the money on? You’re a fucking failure if you’re still doing that bullshit with no God fucking damn result.

    • sooooooosuperficial

      There’s no cure for the common cold, either. Maybe you should unleash your giant brain on the project since all researchers are failures.

      • cc

        ‘There‚Äôs no cure for the common cold’
        Just ask one of my direct reports…she has a cold every other Monday and Friday (alternating weekends).

    • badamp bamp

      it’s impossible to cure AIDS – the scientists can’t get the lab rats to buttfuck

    • El Jefe

      They have no desire to cure anything, then they would not be able to get idiots to keep giving billions of dollars to them a year so they can claim 80% of it for “expenses”.

      • Have a nice day

        “Maybe you should unleash your giant brain on the project since all researchers are failures”

        I’d fucking rather not. Your death by AIDS would be an improvement on the species. You wont be missed.

    • There’s no money to be made in curing a disease. Treating it indefinitely, now that’s another matter.

      • PhD in ART

        FYI, there are 2 cases of cure of HIV+ individuals so there is a progress. according to u theory then why do we have cure for dx such as gonorrhea, syphilis , some cancers ?

      • There are cures for many cancers … they are just not publicly available because .. well, what Iveski said. I was at a university conference 10 years ago that had example after example of cancer patients now 100% cancer free due to some of the techniques they were pioneering. Still not available commercially, probably never will be. We *have* cures for many things, but only some of them make it to being available due to corporate interference.

  2. BP

    Great Rack! Roddick you are one lucky SOB!

  3. cc

    Kind of makes me think of the pretty teacher at school. Not a knockout, but pretty enough to prompt an orchard of 15 year old boners.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Damn, is it me, or did she age about 10 years since last year?

  5. skunk

    want to motorboat so bad

  6. mike

    What the fuck? She looks about 38. I mean, a really fucking *hot* 38, but still.

  7. yowillie

    She needs a pearl necklace.

  8. I don’t know who this women is, but, she’s hot. Beautiful face.

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