1. So if Dracula came back as a skinny white chick, this is what she’d look lke?

  2. cc

    I’d pepper her pot.

  3. ksmack

    It is NOT ok to wear all white, upon white, upon white–get over yourself! Boring.

  4. I bet she puts potpourri in her vaj.

  5. El Jefe

    A smoking hot idiot.

  6. I bet she thought she looked awesome. Actually, I’d probably think she was hotter if I didn’t know how goddamned annoying and pretentious she is.

  7. Cock Dr

    Congratulations on a look that ages her by a decade and makes her tits lay down and die. Nice job.

  8. Frank Burns

    Once again Chris Martin, “The Invisible Husband”, manages to not appear with his wife at a career-critical event. Kudos to you Chris, because if it ain’t all about you, it ain’t about anything.

  9. Sin

    Lose the fucking cape. You are not Batman.

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