1. she must have been there looking beat to accept the most overrated show award.

    • Kimmykimkim

      Whaaat?! Are you off your meds? You think OITNB is overrated? You crazy. I mean, yeah that Piper character is quite insufferable and Laura Prepon’s voice is like the fucking worst but I dig that show, man. You crazy. I like you, man, but you’re crazy.

      • It’s entertaining but not worth shitting oneself over. I was at the edge of my seat waiting for the Oprah character to die though.

        Just wait another season and it will jump the shark so fucking hard you’ll have to throw away that pair of panties. For that is the nature of this Jenji Kohan fuck. He’ll probably put an Olsen twin in there when the story runs out.

      • Kimmykimkim

        Oh honeybun, if you’re shitting yourself over a tv show, you might need to see a doctor. One of the REAL ones with an M.D. ;o)

        I totally cheered when “Oprah” died – “thazz what you get, bitch!”

      • dude, you shit yourself a lil over BB. dintcha? And whether it’s a lil or a lot, once you shit yourself, you shit yourself.

      • Kimmykimkim

        Alright, you got me there. And I’m also shitting myself over GOT. I will admit, OITNB, is no GOT. Not enough head crushing for me. Needs more head crushing. It’s just that I’m trying to fill the Breaking Bad hole in my heart, ok? And it takes a lot of meh to mediocre shows to accomplish that.

  2. I’m always happy to see Lucy Liu

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Hello, this is Hot Donna and I’d like to know where do you keep your ugliest prom dresses?

  4. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhiteboy

    “What? Date Tom Cruise? No. I ATE Tom Cruise.”

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