1. JW

    “AARRGGG!!! FUCK, I just shit myself!!!”

  2. I think she deliberately tries to look as unattractive as possible, just so people would insult her then she could play the victim or claim she’s so strong for choosing to stay unattractive.

  3. sprub

    SHREK ! That’s where I’ve seen her before.

  4. Yaaaaaay! It’s the Easter Bunny!

  5. Snnnnaaaaaaarrrrrrf! Snarf!

  6. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhiteboy

    “Now do I look like Bucky Larson!?”

  7. Just when I thought she couldn’t look any worse, she opened her mouth

  8. Dr Plaid

    “Joan! Kelly! I dare you to throw acid on me for this fashion crime against humanity!” This Psycho Hose Beast really needs the publicity and I bet Joan Rivers would do it if she could.

  9. …slowly, the odor filled the area …the unmistakable odor of gingivitis, coffee, and old meat (caught in a back molar).

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