1. She wins, I can’t think of a joke to top that outfit.

  2. JW

    It looks like those four burritos that she had for lunch are coming back to haunt her…

  3. buzz

    She actually looks like how I feel after eating too much sherbet ice cream.

  4. nausea heartburn indigestion upset stomach diarrhea

  5. Oscar

    In-character for the “Dark Crystal” gritty reboot?

  6. It’s like a dog ate a ton of cotton candy and took a colourful shit on some cloth.

  7. Wilco Test

    Looks like she’s regretting that chimichanga!

  8. “Does this make me look fat?”

  9. I think the dress is rejecting her.

  10. sprub

    crickets… crickets… (crickets glimpsing in her general direction)… dead silence.

  11. Poison Ivy League

    Nothing witty to say but I shit my pants from laughing at this. What an asshole.

  12. The gallery is getting worse…

  13. Marketing Mike

    Thanks a lot…
    I will never be able to un-see this picture.

  14. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhiteboy

    “Popeye’s pregame was a bad choice”

  15. This is how we should dress fire hydrants for Pride Day.

  16. I just noticed how the Emmy statue silhouette looks like someone giving her rabbit ears. How apropos.

  17. Dr Plaid

    She must have a bet going that she could win Worst Dressed, Period. Ever. For Life. Needs to be Killed with Fire. Needs to be Shot, Hung, and Shot again. There is no way even she could think that looks good. Maybe she was hoping that Joan Rivers and Kelly Osborne would attacked her with acid for the publicity.

  18. Bud Haven

    She’s a terrible influence on impressionable minds. Young children will think, “I can look like Lena Dunham and be an actress.” when the truth is nobody knows how Lena Dunham is an actress. It certainly wasn’t via the casting couch.

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