1. Damn those are some fine titties. True Detective would have been worth watching just for them.

  2. She is fucking perfection. I need to see more of her on TV. A lot more.

  3. anonymous

    She’s hot but in this set she looks dead inside. Hollywood must have finally broken her spirit in like a pimp and his bottom bitch.

    • Jeff

      She may “look” dead inside but she’s apparently not – she’s actually pretty funny and charming on Twitter. She could easily become the new J-Law, though Anna Kendrick is currently hanging around waiting to take that spot for herself.

  4. OK everybody – let’s make her the new J-Law!

  5. Cock Dr

    Yes, a ripe young starlet. Bring us more.

  6. Zohan


  7. THE most underrated hot chick in hollywood today …drop dead gorgeous with a smokin’ bod …this generation’s jennifer connelly, except even hotter.

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