1. The Dude


  2. He’s definitely punching above his weight class on this one. She’s a hot hottie.

  3. “[sigh] Thank god my contract is up after the finale.”

  4. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I knew I should have gotten a haircut!

  5. Capn Obvious

    Yeah, he would totally get her if he was working at Kwiki Mart.

    “But we are attracted to confidence…not celebrity status and money!”

    Yeah, whatever. You rock though AP, so drive on. Just triple bag it.

  6. Cmndr_Bytes

    “How’s my breath? I had onions for lunch.”

  7. anonynous

    That guy must have a lot of money because every time I see a picture of them together. He’s in her face doing that shit.

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