1. ruckus


  2. joe

    He’s not banging her, he’s fighting off the unicorn.

  3. Phoenix

    Twerkin’ on dad.

  4. Inner Retard

    This is the last time I listened to you, dad! This chastity thong is riding up my ass.

  5. Are there any more shots of Ireland? She looks great.

  6. Since he promised not to embarrass her with an out of control fit of rage, he had to settle for that haircut instead.

  7. “Why are all those guys talking about your Instagram pictures? You have an Instagram account?”
    “Come on, Daddy, let’s go.”

  8. Capn Obvious

    Awesome and overrated…together again.

  9. BV

    I’m going to hate myself for typing this, but morals can’t override truly great humor… “That’s right, squeel like a rude, thoughtless little pig!”

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