1. My favourite little pixie. I love everything she does. Love movies, love her music (She & Him are awesome), love her TV show. She’s just amazing.

  2. Joanne

    I don’t get this chick. I find her irritating.

    • true

      I don’t know about her quirky personality she shows on TV but after seeing her interview at the Ellen show, it seems premeditated or unnatural. That irritated me.

  3. richie


  4. “Is that raaaain?”

  5. Gary Grant

    Her boobs were bigger in Your Highness. Still love her.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Annoying as hell.

    She’s like that girl in high school that tries to impress everyone at the same time.

    “Oh, Im just a girl who loves to makeout and watch sports that’s not afraid to burp!”

    We get it.

  7. downwithmuffins

    dang emo katy perry.. you pale

  8. Berta

    I’m surprised at her cleavage, she usually dresses like a 7 year old

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