1. Cock Dr

    At least she appeared to stay upright for this event.

  2. JC

    Please tell me she came dressed in character for a “Walking Dead” cameo.

    Usually I love this crazy, drunk bitch. Yeah, if you brought her home, at some point she’d likely crawl into your closet and puke up a bunch of vodka and painkillers, but I always theorized she’d make up for it by being a tigress in the sack. But here….yikes.

  3. ZigZagZoey

    OMG! That’s the biggest smile I have ever seen on her. Or should I say she isn’t glaring at the camera like she wants to throw a glass at you?

  4. Fester

    So THIS is how Amy Winehouse would have looked with a spray tan… Now we know.

  5. I’m surprised someone even loaned her a dress, she is not exactly good advertising for designers. And what the hell is with the one long strand of hair hanging down?

  6. Joob

    a “not-so-hot” mess.

  7. ShoddyCursive

    This has got to be one of the weirdest human beings I’ve ever seen. What is wrong with her face???

  8. Tommy

    This thing is a gross thing.

  9. Mark

    She’ll always be the trashy skank who gave Sam Rockwell a handjob in “Choke” to me.

  10. I think she still has pillow case creases on her face.

  11. Melissa

    Don’t worry, she’ll Amy Winehouse herself soon. What’s the over/under on a year/year and a half?

  12. kpatra

    she looks like she wants to eat all our brains.

  13. Tracey

    Hre dress pulling “come hither” look makes me want to go eat some carrots for some reason.

  14. dali

    my eyes are bleeding! my eyes are bleeding!!! make it go away! Take it away!!!

  15. Well, at least she has hips, which is more than you can say for most of these.

  16. Balou

    Every time I see this chick I’m reminded of that “Are you in special-ed? I mean, are you?” line from “Never Been Kissed.”

  17. Do not want. Brings Boardwalk Empire to a screeching, wooden, trout-pouted halt every time she appears on screen. As if that wreck of a show neeeded it.

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