1. elaine benes

    Tom: Ok sweet heart, I’ll untie you from the bed so you can go to the Emmy’s… BUT you can’t wash or do your hair. I know it’s been 4 days, but it’s either a bath or the Emmy’s. You choose.

  2. I’d love to see this chick all nasty and grunged up instead of trying to look like the winner of the I Look The Most Like A JCPenney Mannequin contest

  3. Tracey

    My belt is from 1979, my hair is from 2nd grade and Tom sewed my dress himself!

  4. anonym

    katie is looking really happy and cute here.

    she must be happy to be out of the house, rather than locked up in it

  5. The de-closetedmidgetization process is doing wonders.

  6. Adrienne

    She’s a beautiful girl. I agree that the dress is unflattering. But she’s still radiant in the pic.

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