1. Fester

    Thank goodness there were makeup artists on hand to powder her forehead before the glare blinded anymore pilots. Oh, the humanity!

  2. Kelsey Grammer

    So THAT’S what I’d look like with hair… Now we know.

  3. What an unfortunate looking woman. She looks like a deformed fetus.

  4. Now there’s a head made for soccer.

  5. kpatra

    stunning dress.

  6. TomFrank

    She does not spell her first name with a z. Here’s a fun way to remember: Elisabeth Moss spells it with an S…as in Scientology.

  7. Poor girl. You would think that they would have a side door or something.

  8. Lolli-Pop

    Some genius commented a few days back, Mr. Burns in drag. Now its all I can see.


    She’s got the face of a Beluga whale.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  10. Dear Mr Burns,
    it’s called bangs. Try them on sometimes.
    I am just not that into liver spots anymore.


  11. I cannot, for the life of me, find the neck bolts!

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