1. Cock Dr

    Kelly does clean up well.

  2. Alison

    Toddlers & Tiaras at the Emmys!

  3. Venom

    Fat ugly foul mouthed whore.

  4. SIN

    looking good but you can just start to see her moms face showing up. Doesn’t matter what it looks like in the dark.

  5. I think that’s the only skin she has that isn’t inked up with some retarded tattoo

  6. cc

    The only people who think she’s hot grew up jerking off to Barney Rubble.

  7. Audrey Jo

    I think she made it this tima. I seriously love her nowadays figure, the sophisticated make up, the skin is looking healthy – and I even dig the grayish-burgundih hair color on her ( i used to hate the yellow blond on her complexion)

  8. journalschism

    She looks like that chick in high school that blew every guy but me.

  9. Bite the head off a bat, Kelly. It did wonders for your old mans career.

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