1. The dress makes a lot of sense when you consider she’s as big as a couch.

  2. Smapdi

    “Mmm, chocolate!”

  3. DoUcHe BaGeLs

    “I can’t wait to get home and eat this”

  4. “Would somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?”

  5. What if the vagina is not visible, but you just KNOW it’s puffy?

  6. SIN

    She has a horrible British voice and looks like shit

  7. No Adele you can’t eat it, it is not made out of cake.

  8. Did the von Trapp family make that dress?

  9. Twink

    SHe looks like that fat opera singer in the Flintstones

  10. cc

    Mmmm, a little icing sugar and down the hatch.

  11. tom

    Those things stuck on her eyelids are just gross.

  12. Alexxx

    Something about this screams, “A used Super-Plus tampon…”

  13. She is actually trying to peel the foil off the damn thing.

  14. She has a pretty face, so I guess I wouldn’t mind fucking her in the mouth. Thru a glory-hole.


    Oh look, a fat chav. Freshen ya drink, guvnor?

  16. Interred Ferguson

    Quick, call Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth…’s MOM from Futurama!!

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