1. If she could be naked and sing to me while I masturbated, that would be delightful. That’s not too unreasonable a request, is it?

  2. Swearin

    Did she leave the Machine back in the Emerald City?

  3. They’re letting Sleestaks walk the red carpet now, eh?

  4. blt

    She’s the fem-fetal that suduced Yoshi, only to skin him for a dress.

  5. She almost looks like she’s wearing a green version of Spawn’s symbiotic suit.

  6. PtC

    I always thought this broad was in her forties. She’s 26.

    My bad.

  7. An evening clutch purse is not condusive storage for Pumkin Bombs, Mr. Goblin

  8. I almost didn’t recognize Dean Pelton here without the glasses.

  9. BP

    She’s a younger, doable version of Kathy Griffin….

  10. Jon Hex

    Rachel Summers had a hard life.

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