1. cc

    She shouldn’t smile. Or appear in public.

  2. stacy

    Just want to see her completly naked before she gets fat again.
    Just curious.

  3. She would look good, with a different lipstick, different hair color, different dress, no tattoos, without a self taner accident and… oh never mind…

  4. The Cynic

    A pig by any other hair color…

    I’m really starting to get angry with Ozzy for unleashing his abominable offspring. He better make a great record with Sabbath to atone for it.

  5. NineInchNailed

    Ehhh…I actually think she looks kinda okay here. I mean, for Kelly Osbourne. The hair doesn’t look as retarded as when I first saw it (although it’s still kind of strange).

    Also, just noticed…she has “Daddy” tattooed on her arm? Um. Anybody think that’s a little gross? Maybe I’m just thinking of the Simpsons family…

  6. Jena

    Why is she still around? No really. Why? What does she contribute

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