1. EricLr

    In honor of you, the unwashed masses, I will be wearing my hair pulled taut tonight.

  2. Cameron

    Fuck off Paltrow!

  3. God is Black

    I love apples and oranges but not paltrows…I don’t know why?

  4. Cock Dr

    A face like that needs a bridle warpped around it.

  5. tinklepants


  6. BigFuckingDeal

    Aliens have landed.

  7. The Cynic

    Madge suddenly isn’t lookin that bad.

  8. Shutter Speed

    It’s that guy from Westworld

  9. Jena

    Her cheekbones resemble Lady Gaga’s face when she had horns. She is very odd looking.

  10. Gwenyth Paltrow

    The GOOP Award Statuette for smugness goes to…

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