1. cc

    She met some guy there. Things were looking good. Then he dumped her on the way home.

  2. I would seriously tap her. No really, I wouldn’t smile.

  3. stacy

    Dressing up differently. I like it.

  4. arnieblackblack

    Cute & desperate. An attractive combination in any woman. All she needs is low self esteem and daddy issues and I’m up to my third knuckle.

  5. Bukkake audition’s around the corner.

  6. Craig Goralski

    Betcha the problem’s hairy nipples.

  7. BigFuckingDeal

    All I see is DERP

  8. molly

    close your f***ing mouth!! in every picture…

  9. anonym

    She always looks so happy.

    But we all know she’s a psycho bitch out of the public eye.

  10. sfm

    Cant stand her, seriously shes an immature annoying bitch.

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