1. Cock Dr

    Beyonce is turning Caucasian. Will that help or hurt future album sales?

    • reformed_druid

      Hurt I would imagine. The only white woman in these pictures is Gwyneth Paltrow. Not very good company.

  2. Mel

    Slowly turning into a white woman is how Michael Jackson sold millions of albums, so once Beyonce officially becomes a white British tranny with a bad bleach job who can’t actually sing or dance or write or act for that matter, she will be the biggest star in the world.

    • Danno

      I’ve always thought black women and blonde hair was a good combo. Why doesn’t she just get some green custom made contacts and pull the whole look together?

      I’m white, I get spray tanned on occaision, I dye my naturally red roots dark brown every month, and I wear colored contacts once in a while. What is the difference? The grass will always be greener. It’s good to change your look.

      Michael Jackson was mentally unstable. Sammy Sosa might be too. He was so much hotter when he was black.

  3. Danno

    I can’t STAND jennifer lopez but she is lookin’ awesome. Comin’ up on 42. Go girl. Even her nose job is cute as buttons. She doesn’t look very happy though.

  4. Feetsthss

    Wow, Ke$ha looks even worse next to Beyonce.

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