1. DFCtomm

    Does this qualify as a series of belts? Cause I had 2011 in the “When is someone going to show up wearing just a belt” pool.

  2. Virgodoll

    How does someone sit wearing something like that?

  3. anonymoose

    it’s halloween and wretched rihanna is a dressed as a pipe cleaner.

  4. slappy magoo

    The Who-Ville Whooker.

  5. kimmykimkim

    Maybe if I wear fluffy bandages to hide my wounds, people will consider it fashion.

  6. griff

    We’ve seen your “leaked” photos and we know you love sex and like to be raunchy. Just make a sextape already.

  7. lillie

    what NOT to do with your leftover christmas tinsel . . .

  8. Pope

    Christmas garlands does not a dress make.

  9. bob

    JLo looks so beautiful, I would make love to her. Rihanna on the other hand, I’d run a train on that dirty whore.

  10. ewok tamer

    A pipe cleaner? Well damn, she can clean my pipes any day.

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