1. DFCtomm

    Bride of Freakenstein!

  2. Grace Jones Returns

    • Bucky Barnes

      If Grace Jones and Elsa Lanchester had a baby it might look like this.
      “Me Tarzan, you jungle Bride of Frankenstein.”

  3. WTF

    She looks like an idiot. That scotch-brite wig isn’t helping anybody or anything, other than low, mildewy ceilings.

  4. Cock Dr

    Looking stupid does not automatically mean that others will assume you’re enormously creative & original. It just means that you look stupid.

    • WHOPPER++++

      It’s the latest fashion!(for dodo birds) The whore, with liver-lips, can even make ROSEANE BARR look sexy, in an outfit people at the Mardi Gras wouldn’t dare wear… This Bozo, or Bozoette, tops the idiocity of ‘em all!

  5. Marching bands don’t win Grammys.

  6. FastEddie

    Her dress looks like its been badly photoshopped

  7. Neen

    Is she trying to be the black Lady Gaga?

    • noooooooooo

      No, she’s just trying to give you reason to avoid buying her albums

    • I was just thinking the same thing!!!! She is trying and failing miserably , I wonder instead of wearing a meat dress if she’ll wear a fried chicken dress with hot biscuit stilettos…

    • spectacledowlgirl

      indeed. she’s trying to copy lady gaga, that’s the first thing on my mind when i saw this pict

  8. testington

    How does this overrated bitch get all the hype? Her album was average at best and I’ve yet to see a picture of her that doesn’t in make me want to smack her in the face

  9. Jess

    Ra Ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen!

  10. kimmykimkim

    Minaj: The other GaGa meat.

  11. griff

    Dear Nicki Minaj,

    You look stupid. I’d hate to be the person sitting behind you. Unless you won something, then I get to see your greatest asset up close.


  12. Andriiya

    Well, the whole egg thing was stupid. But this is going too far, I mean black-face? What were you thinking Gaga?

  13. kaylia

    i’d double-tap that

  14. WTF! Would have been Hawt, with out the top…camera Block!

  15. C

    So this is Lady Gaga for black people?

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