1. “Tickle fight!”
    “No! No! Hahaha! Not haha! Dress hahaha rehearsal now! hahahaha! Not a drill! hahahaha Not a DRILL! hahahahaha!”

  2. I see they’re doing a dance interpretation of a Chris Brown seduction.

  3. Snack pack

    Looks like he’s changing her spark plugs or something.

  4. cc

    “No, no, please, no more sidewalk chalk!”

  5. Schmidtler

    Is he jamming her penis back into its proper tuck position?

  6. Duck86


  7. She stopped short with the hummer and now he’s pissed.
    Hidden from view: zip ties and a ball gag.

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    Twister: They’re doing it wrong.

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