1. USDA Prime McBeef

    I would and fuck you. She’s like 5′ 11″. i’d almost have to.

  2. The dude next to her just missed being famous by about half a second. He would have forever been known as “that guy in the picture with Taylor Swift’s beaver”

  3. Snack pack

    What a hot piece. What’s the deal? Is she an amazing PITA or something?

  4. Is that the man she’s dating now? I can’t wait to ignore her next album.

    • KC

      Unfortunately she’s dating one of the guys in One Direction so it will be kind of hard to ignore the world ending when they both write songs about each other. Scratch that: the OD kids are too young to know how to read and write so we’re probably safe.

  5. 5 minutes later, she wrote a song about what a jerk he was.

  6. cc

    This picture is a terrible disappointment.

  7. The basis of her next album, “Why Didn’t Joe Simpson Want to Date Me?”

  8. Schmidtler

    I’d bang her like a rented gong.

  9. anonym

    although she looks like a bean pole (those heels make her 6’3″), I’m sure she looks great face down, ass up.

  10. Duck86

    My fingers are literally 24 inches from finger banging this bitch! Wes-siiide!!!

  11. SIN

    I think she found out that when she sits down that dress is about 6 inches too short.

  12. And here is my new boyfriend everyone. He is rich, recently divorced, with two children attending boarding school. We met last night at and look forward to planning nuptials in the spring. Take that John and Jake!

  13. Tainted by John Mayer.

  14. Skeeter

    I’d pummel her anus.

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