1. kimmykimkim

    Forever turned off.

  2. I … just … no words.

  3. Carl Spackler

    Houston , we have a problem!

  4. stratacat

    are those… Hammer tights?

  5. Snack pack

    Evolutionarily challenged.

  6. Hammer time!!

    By which I mean it’s time for someone to take a hammer to his penis.

  7. Please tell me that an alien symbiote eating it’s way out of his body.

  8. Carl Spackler

    He’s looking directly at Bieber’s ass , not that there’s anything wrong with that , I mean if you feel that way about similarly equipped Home Sapiens that is .

  9. “You can’t touch this!”
    “Don’t want to!”

  10. AnnaD.

    I laughed so hard at this picture I’m pretty sure I woke up my neighbors. No caption necessary.

  11. Sara

    All the junk shapage of sweatpants, but with the fashion sense of MC Hammer

  12. Sheppy

    Just trying to jump on that Hamm band-wagon :/

  13. I hope his transformation into Quasimodo continues. He will be know as Doucheyfisto.

  14. Glenys

    Knuckle dragging oxygen thief.

  15. Just remember, that has been in a dudes ass.

  16. TheO

    Always the artist, Chris Brown puts his own twist on the classic scene from Alien.

  17. Josie

    whats hidin in his pants.???

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