1. All kinds of wrong going on here.

  2. bernard

    being near that ass made his entire front retract into his body

  3. Pictured: Two people who have no idea what they’re doing… and are yet somehow astonishingly wealthy.

  4. Carl Spackler

    “Hmmm, doesn’t smell like man – ass … big , bigger than Selena’s ….
    face on this thing doesn’t look human though … must be a bad dream…”

  5. Interesting facts about Justin Bieber: his arms double as pipe snakes and he’s 100% into Lion King porn.

  6. cc

    The two finalists in the ‘Who looks like the biggest fuckin’ goof?’ competition are running neck and neck, despite taking very different paths to the finals.

  7. I can’t hate on the little guy here. Men in combat are the only people who could understand the horrors he’s seeing right now.

  8. It appears as though Justine is trying to pull her panties out of her vagina.

  9. Sara

    Oh girl, I already busted my nut, dangit

  10. Water, Helen! WATER!

  11. somerandomchic

    Don hurt me laydee!!!

  12. I can see Minaj;s dick is way bigger than Bieber’s.

  13. MissJ

    It looks like his ass shot through the front of his body and attached itself to her ass.

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