1. JC

    So she’s the love child of Jay Leno and Reese Witherspoon?

  2. I can’t wait for everybody to look at these photos in 10 years for “where are they now?” segments.

  3. His hat is too big, her gums are too big…together, they’re just freaking out black people.

  4. Looks like somebody took a “Malette” to her face. I wish somebody would take one to his.

  5. Pattie Malette (right) seen here pictured with Dark Helmet.

  6. God, I wou fucking love to punch that stupid look right off his face…

  7. Justin with a pig, Justin with a horse…what’s next?

  8. Schmidtler

    If you kill a person in the United States, and the person is Canadian, that’s still legal, right?

  9. Duck86

    Officially allowed to cum on her tits.


    Why do they look like they just fucked????

  11. Wow, you put Bieber in full military regalia, dab on a false beard and six socks in the groin region, his Mama will still out-man him in this dress.

  12. Nice hat asshole.

  13. Timothy

    What, is he dating his mom now! Ha! Burn! What? That is his mom. Sorry, dude. Over the line. Sorry.

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