1. mismy

    That sexy implant ripple is honestly the least of her aesthetic woes…

  2. Meg's Attitude

    Just another Barbie doll…

  3. Oh, that’s right… “Music Awards”. I almost forgot.

  4. Somewhere in the seventh layer of hell, Jocelyn Wildenstein just shed what would have once been called a tear.

  5. Divine really let himself go. Jesus.

  6. cc

    Funny, somewhere along the way someone referred to this event and others like it as a ‘trophy toss’.

  7. So the new female pop-star schtick is gaming the style of drag queens? A damn shame, those performers are a damn sight better, lip sync and all.

  8. Timothy

    “What, voices in my head? I should burn them all? No, that would be wrong! I couldn’t…. Hmmm… Well, voices in my head, you make some good points there. Okay, let me get the flame thrower out of the limo’s trunk. “

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