1. It’s good to stretch out, huh Chris? Usually there’s 4 or 5 other guys lined up with him.

  2. Meg's Attitude

    Just take him out and shoot him, k?

  3. Nice neck beard. Who taught you how to shave, Pau Gasol?

  4. Black Bieber plus a decade

  5. Smug piece of shit (with freakishly small feet).

  6. This is actually what Justin Bieber see’s when he looks in the mirror…

  7. cc

    The fact this asshole was able to resurrect his career says a lot about the hypocrisy of our culture.

  8. And they shoot bears just for eating the occasional tourist.

  9. Duck86

    Holden my dick…whatcha donna do?

  10. Pepper's Pot

    what a fucking douche. god.

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    Back to the wall, look at the camera just like his mug shot.

  12. Shanjo

    Wearing his favorite giant pinkie ring Rihanna gave him for his birthday – it leaves a mark in the shape of a fist because he’s meta like that.

  13. Timothy

    Unfortunately the sound you hear is not a firing squad loading up.

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