1. All you wannabe attention whores, pay attention: Be a middling actress with a hot body. Audition, beg, fuck, whatever it takes to get on a couple big TV shows. Then show up at a major awards program in a basic white dress. Oh, and shave half of your head and staple some plastic shit to your shoulders. BOOM! Paparazzi gold.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Finally, a look more ridiculous than Lena Dunham’s tattoos.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    Oh, I get it. That black net was supposed to go over her head. It just slid down.

  4. KtothaJ

    Somewhere King Joffrey is kicking himself that his wife to be is in fact a fancy dressed pony.

  5. cc

    I like Candy when it’s wrapped in plastic….
    I waannnt Candy
    I want Candy

  6. Dr Plaid

    Between the hardware in her ears and that mesh thing, it looks like she’s trying to help out with SETI. Or tune in the playoffs.

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