1. Except for having the facial expression of a drugged hooker, she’s looking better than half the younglings here.

  2. Pearl divers would be impressed with how long she held her breath at this event.

  3. Hmm

    Not going to lie, she is looking pretty damn good these days.

  4. GodDAMN. I’m zaloogin’ all over this picture.

  5. Her fucking body is fucking tight. Amazing. Still an unbearable bitch, though.

  6. DKK

    She looks amazing!

  7. anonymous

    She does look good. Not sure what’s going on with the bitch face though…might just be looking into the sun. Whatever Casper has been supplying her; it’s doing her body good. No wonder he’s back in the main house.

  8. At least her stylist is way better at their job than, say, her songwriters…

  9. Robb7

    Shitty singer, actor, person — but the body works!

  10. “Jenny from the block, come nibble on my…ear.”

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