1. “Fuck you Asshole Kutcher” – Sincerely, the Internet.

  2. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Let’s play celebrity knocked up jeopardy! The answer in every category is: Who is Ashton Kutcher? The winner will win a free abortion the minute they realized the error of their ways. Mila, you go first…

  3. BB

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a world where there is not just one Ashton Kutcher but TWO, thanks to my uterus, general lack of judgement and character, poor taste, and apparently lower intelligence than a lot of you men out there probably gave me credit for. The bloodline of douchery shall endure! You’re all welcome and fuck you all.”

  4. I’m willing to punch her in gut. The seed of Kutcher must not bear fruit. The Bible said so.

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