1. Who?

    Oh, I see.

  2. She’s got a great personality.

  3. Sloppy Redneck

    I would love to soccer kick her boobies .

  4. Gin&Tonic

    Nice tits, tranny

  5. dennis

    Somewhere out there Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Kanye are stroking it to this Kim Klone.

  6. My penis doesn’t care who this is, it just approves.

  7. If I’m ever on an aircraft that has to ditch into the ocean, I want to be sitting next to her.

    • Gin&Tonic

      Just hope it doesn’t happen in Australia where noone apparently gives a fuck to call for help until the next day

      • ???

        Not Australia’s fault the plane crashed somewhere in the ocean near it. The plane wasn’t even headed to Australia.

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