1. suck it

    too much abs!

  2. This makes her look like a pink poodle.

  3. Tron

    She’s a keeper. Next!

  4. Cock Dr

    Note to VS managment: have the girls starve for only one week before the fashion show…not one month.

  5. cabora

    How many of these women has DiCaprio banged?

  6. Kitty

    OMG her stomach is HORRIBLE… i hope that’s airbrushed on… if it is the person who thought to do that was stupid.

  7. Hercules

    For all you losers out there who know nothing about working out. YOU CAN ONLY GET ABS LIKE THAT WORKING OUT. Those are not starving abs. Those abs have been fed plenty of protein/food and sit ups. Now take your fat hides to the gym. lol

  8. Please people, has America got so fat that we have completely forgotten what the human body is supposed to look like?????? Those are badass, she worked her ass of abs as well as having good genes, eating right and being naturally thin. I wish people would get off these fashion models. ITS FASHION, its never practical and its not realistic but her JOB is to look amazing and she does.

  9. Wow, Doutzen has really been working out. Get it girl!

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