1. USDA Prime McBeef

    fancy underpants, but the face is a no go. and something is off with the upper right thigh. I looks like that leg is dead.

  2. Cock Dr

    I think that’s this years Million Dollar bra.
    I’m sure it’s very comfy.

  3. Tron

    old -_- ….next!

  4. Grand Dragon

    Looks like someone put lingerie on one of the corpses from the Poltergeist swimming pool

  5. bewbs

    ew those legs! hey skeletor

  6. real

    WTF is up with the crotchtal area? Really? The face is…meh!

  7. Boo

    Uh… Where’s Lindsay Ellingson? She looked hot!

  8. Yoda Mann

    Used to be a man. That’s the only explanation. Looks like medical science has finally addressed the Adam’s apple conundrum. Yay, progress.

  9. anonym

    looks like tranny

    so overrated.

  10. Anonym too


    I think she is incredibly sexy, tranny or not

  11. My girl Alessandra! Always looks perfect and on point.

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