1. Deacon Jones

    If you ever see something like this in person, run.
    Run, screaming in the other direction.

  2. Ah shit .. that fucking thing breeds!

  3. Are chicks into showing off their GUNTs now?

  4. amir

    A tribute to Donnatella Versace?….

  5. Crissy

    WTF, she is pregnant AND turning white?!!!

  6. Matty

    Pregnant with a freak and pimping vodka. God Bless Merica!!

  7. mismy

    The comments today seriously have me laughing, funny fuckers :D

  8. And so another bloodline of fame whores is continued.

  9. amanda

    I notice these posts are tagged “Celebrities at the VMA’s” but i have no idea who this, or half of these other “celebrities” are

  10. Josie

    she looks totally different here

  11. Mama Pinkus

    I’m not sure what that is – what is that?

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