1. DeucePickle

    She’s hot

  2. amir

    No she’s not

  3. El Jefe

    Mmm, not bad. I would let her write a song about me.

  4. Wheres my hat ?

    I blame Russell Brand for all this.

    If he hadn’t banged thinge with the norks, then she would still be the poster girl for innocent fun. With great norks and a decent line in videos with great norks in them.

    Now, norky is doing the racist dick guy and its all fucked up. Result – this woman still meets a record company marketing need.

    She’s the female equivalet of Phil Collin. Enough please.

  5. seriouslynow

    If I was posted up with Wilmer Valderrama and I met her coming out of high school I’d probabably bang her, but really, these days it seems that not only do you not have to be actually talented to be a celebrity but also not very good looking, either.

  6. cagster


  7. She’s doing that all wrong. Respect your spine, Taylor. She’s going to need a zimmer frame before she’s thirty.

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