1. I think the Brigitte Nielsen look may actually be contagious.

  2. Edg

    Jerkasses Made for each other

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Because knocking up a groupie is always a good life decision.

  4. Why is Amber Rose a different race every time I see her?

  5. Cock Dr

    Proof that a person doesn’t need to be outrageously beautiful to qualify as a celebrity. You don’t even have to be talented….just look consistently & compellingly goofy in front of the cameras and you’ll get exposure.

  6. Put It In

    WTF is a Wiz Khalifa?

  7. seriouslynow

    Wiz just looks naturally intoxicated.

  8. Josie

    wiz khalifa looks like the cheetos guy

  9. Nour

    i didnt know that pregnancy would turn you white

  10. Shelby

    I have no idea who Amber Rose is & I’ve only heard one Wiz Khalifa song; but these people are some silly ass looking people. Lol

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