1. They won the gold medal in “Synchronized Bitchiness.”

  2. r,

    damn, i didn’t know she was still alive. tragic news.

  3. John

    Damn those brow bones are Cro-Magnon sized! Get that shit shaved down!

  4. Mickey01232000

    No talent times two.

  5. How in the hell are these two still making appearances anywhere? If this is any indication of how long we’re going to have to be exposed to the Kardashians I’m afraid for all of us.

  6. catapostrophe

    “Like, whar do we stahnd?”

  7. monkeylaugh

    “Just a reminder, guys. This is the face you will have to look at when I blow you in the bathroom stall while doing lines of coke. Take a number!”

  8. lily

    woof. Paris looks like she has a mouth full of cum she wants to spit out.

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