1. Dick Hell

    Carl Spackler is a a fireman now?

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    ah, good ol’ object-as-penis humor. bringing you laughs since Lysistrata.

  3. Errr

    He’s so…hairless.

  4. lily

    HOTT body. i feel a tingle between my legs.

  5. Charlie Hodge

    Trying to find one thing wrong with this picture. Nope, can’t find a goddamn thing…

  6. Jill

    Never thought I’d say to myself “I should have watched the MTV movie awards.” Just… thank you fish.

  7. C0ck Te@se


  8. Jen

    Finally, some tits I enjoy.

  9. “My agent was trying to get be to do some gay gig like be the Green Lantern or something but thankfully MTV called and I got this instead…whew!”

  10. `Helena Handbasket

    I like that he’s wearing a giant sling shot so that I can propel my muffin right into his face.

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