1. Crabby Old Guy


  2. Mickey01232000

    She gets hotter all the time.

  3. LegMan


  4. Josephus

    Remind me again why the English were cloning sheep when THIS was within their borders?

    • journalschism

      Scientists should be working day and night to make sure she stays looking like that. Well, no they shouldn’t, but my vapid hyperbole is in proportion to the ridiculous boners this woman has given me since the late 90s.

      • Josephus

        No, you’re absolutely right. I mean, curing cancer is cute and all, but if every woman looked like this, there would be no disease or famine or poverty in the world. It’s fact. Look it up.

        (Hear that, ladies? All those starving children in Africa and Haiti and Kate Gosselin’s basement? THEIR LIVES ARE ON YOU!)

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