1. Mickey01232000

    Looks like a get together at the home!

  2. classic

    The unsustainable level of doucheness in that room…a new world record.

  3. “…and this is the urn these two Skeletors will be sharing this time next year”

  4. Aerosmith was so cool.

    In the fucking 70s.

  5. monkeylaugh

    What the hell happened to Johnny? Fillers of coke bloat?

  6. dooood

    joe perry kinda looks like if mitt romney banged frankenstein

  7. “And we got these matching necklaces made from the bones of the weathered sherpas who took us to the Kangshung glacier. This other one is from Forever 21.”

  8. “And I would also like to thank Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, who I am clearly on a path to becoming in just a few years’ time.”

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