1. eatme

    …looking a little khloe kardashian

  2. I’d bang that little fatty.

    • If you really think that’s fat you ain’t interested in banging women. Period. Stop kidding yourself.

      • Also, if you actually use a period at the end of a sentence, using the word period (with another period after it) seems completely redundant to me. But what do I know? You could be some high falutin’ professor or something.

      • rantatonne

        Low hanging fruit, at best. I sometimes say hello to someone combined with a wave and or handshake.

        Question, you do not actually read the symbol “.” mentally of out loud do you?

        Yes, i did that on purpose. Additionally, how hott is Kunis and i wish all women put a little weight on like this.

      • eatme

        …me thinks that little fatty Mila Kunis has nothing better to do on a monday then patrol the forums as tony

  3. Josephus

    It looks like the Great Pumpkin ejaculated on her dress.

  4. lily

    she has nice toned little legs, but that midsection and t rex arms…yuck

  5. She’s starting to look like Chyna….

  6. Racer X

    I’d hit that 25/8.

  7. I love how on sites like this the less the girl looks like a little boy the more haters she has:) It’s like an online convention for pedophiles.

    • dooood

      pedophiles sexually abuse children.
      people who look at fake ass hollywood whores and hentai porn all day are… well, pretty normal and usually are nice, kind hearted good people

  8. I can’t believe people think this is fat! I’d gladly walk around with one arm and half of a shaved head if I could look that good in a dress that short.

  9. journalschism

    Looks like she just rolled out of Jimi Hendrix’s bedroom.

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