1. Lunch

    She grew up in the 80′s, people.

  2. Mickey01232000

    Oh look, it’s the little boy from panic room.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    there she is and she’s back with that layer of filth and shame that she knows i like.

  4. whiskeyafternoon

    is that a smile? an odd thing to see on her; perhaps there was ecstasy in the drinking water there

  5. monkeylaugh

    “O.M.G. I really hope it’s not obvious that my publicist rolled me out of bed, slapped some makeup on my face and forced me into this dress, like, fifteen minutes ago. I really need to lay off the hard stuff. But, how can I when I’m constantly being raped by these photographers?”

  6. vgrly

    I’m a fan of hers but that dress looks so much like a kick ass comic book costume. All she needs is a cap and an eye mask.

  7. John

    She always looks like she’s just been roofied.

  8. Ha ha! She looks just fucking terrible!

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