1. Suge Knight really did a number on his ass, apparently….

  2. Mickey01232000

    Wasn’t his 15 minutes up like 18 years ago?!

  3. classic

    He’s still more talented than any white rapper after him. Eminem included.

  4. “Hey Vanilla! How would you describe your career calendar after ‘Cool as Ice’?”

  5. By court order, only permitted to wear non-logo’ed caps. No-one wants to be associated with this one-hit wonder.

  6. little turtle head

    Heard he got those knuckle tats after he got out of jail. Wonder what they mean….

  7. dooood

    he may be a horrible duche responsible for single handedly ruining rap music in the early 90s but he’s actually not a bad guy

  8. Miami Heat will be #1

    Which orifice?

  9. blonde

    his butthole is…

  10. Hey Tony, he’s calling for ya.

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