1. Mickey01232000

    Have you seen her without makeup? Like a totally different girl. Her brother probably looks better.

  2. Julianne Rough more like it. I guess playing someone’s beard is taking it’s toll on her. In fairness to her (or not) I might not have thought that if I hadn’t just seen the perfection that is Kate Beckinsale last screen….

  3. monkeylaugh

    When you have to paint on fake abs, the whole “hole in dress” thing loses all credibility.

  4. lily

    meh, boring

  5. vgrly

    This dress makes her look wide and we know she’s petite.

  6. At least she has legs like an adult woman. Not tooth picks like a cancer patient.

  7. FuManchu

    Great choice in clothing! You can’t spot the Seacrest sauce stains…

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