1. The Most Interesting

    Is that a nipple tat?

  2. monkeylaugh

    Why do her biceps look like a man’s, yet the rest of her looks like she needs to eat two double cheeseburgers, stat!

  3. She went from a hot piece of ass to a pedophile’s wet dream! What a sorry sight.

    • dooood

      yea cuz she’s much more of a pedo treat now when she’s 32 than when she was a child in the 80s n 90s.
      seriously, where do you come up w this bullshit?
      you sure are obsessed w pedophilia.
      wonder if your subconsciously trying to tell us something.
      a warning perhaps.

  4. ozmosis

    Where did her boobies go?

  5. journalschism

    Never was a forehead so happy for Rihanna’s emergence.

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