1. cc

    Have to admit, I have a fantasy about having her scare the poop out of me on a race track and then making love to her on the hood of the car.

  2. Snack pack

    Never understood her appeal. To my eye, she’s very, very plain and ordinary.

    • It’s mostly about context. There’s probably a yawning chasm between her and the second hottest NASCAR driver.

      Funny how no one else has pointed out yet how awful she looks in that dress, though.

      • I tried to look up the other female NASCAR drivers for comparison’s sake, and while there are some decent-looking competitors, I’ll wager that Danica is still the hottest. The Cope twins are good-looking, but I’m thinking that has something to do with the well-documented “Twins Factor”.

      • Wait—there are other female NASCAR drivers? I think I assumed that she was the only one and figured that Tony Stewart probably ranked as “second hottest NASCAR driver.”

        And before anyone goes “Tony Stewart hot? WTF?” let me redirect you to my “there are other female drivers” question to illustrate my knowledge about NASCAR. I only know Tony Stewart from a Coke Zero commercial or something.

  3. shonzie

    I’d like to Indy her 500….eh?…see what I did there? I’d like to NAS her CAR… GO her DADDY. Any of these doing anything for you?

  4. El Jefe

    Does she have a gun hidden under her dress?

  5. JokeStealerExtraordinaire

    I’d like to hide my gun under her dress… eh? eh?

  6. tlmck

    It’s amazing what silk sheets and a little thread can do in a pinch.

    BTW, the new hair color sucks.

  7. Ollie

    I always thought her name was Dana Kirkpatrick

  8. flambe cheese

    If you’re a homosexual redneck thats in the closet, this woman’s poster or better yet, fathead is on your wall.

  9. Dr. Ike

    I’d let her crash into my penis.

  10. Peter

    Keeping with the racing lingo, I’d wreck her anus.

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