1. Cock Tease

    Hottest thing there by far!

    • The Most Interesting

      Yep. Nothing like a white Canadian boy with too much gel to show us the true meaning of, “What’s hood?”

  2. Adam

    “That’s right boys, I convinced two dudes that wearing a leather/jean/cotton hoodie was a good idea.”

  3. cc

    Jenna Talackova, as hot as she is now, could still kick his ass.

  4. “Peace out, girlfriend!”

  5. [img][/img]

  6. j/k

    Thanks for redefining douchebag.

    -Residents of New Jersey

  7. mbcl

    She’s wearing too much make-up.

  8. terry

    Justin Beiber made it this economy and he ain’t blaming Obama for shit. So what is you problem? He hails from a socialist country and has amassed nearly 100 million dollars.

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